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a centos series

I read through multiple books of poetry, belonging to Gwendolyn Brooks, Ntozake Shangé, Nikki Giovanni, Sonia Sanchez and Audre Lorde. Those I chose as examples of African American female poets working within the prime time of the Black Arts Movement in the 60s and 70s. The construction was the most rewarding. As I read, I made small annotations, noting my favorite lines, those I felt fit the essence of the poet. Then I went on to compiling the lines, re-arranging, cutting and adding in order to make a new poem. Each poem varies in length, and one from the collection was exhibited at the South Side Community Arts Center, where many of these women have been honored.


an ode to memory

Hachee takes the senses smell and taste and brings them to the forefront of the narrative. This piece is an exploration of memory and culture through food. How do we relate food to a particular person or time in our lives? Is it significant at all? With Dutch grandparents, classic Dutch meal were always served for dinner. Hachee was one that I remembered the most. It was my favorite Dutch food.


a miniature-memoir

This piece remains untitled as my life has yet to need a cap. It is far too soon to summarize what I've experienced and what is to come. This memoir encompasses my life until now; it explores the flexibility of voice during story telling, the importance of perspective while navigating through heartbreak, illness, love, trust, and more.

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